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From the beginning, we at ULEABO have had the goal, idea and purpose of offering our customers such high-quality accommodation that they could feel at home every time they stay with us. We have already been able to offer our services to the employees of several different companies during their work trip to Oulu, both in shorter and longer rental periods. 

In Oulu, we currently have several apartments tailored for project accommodation for company employees. Below we give five examples of why your company should choose ULEABO as your partner in project accommodation in Oulu.



Employees are the company's most important asset, so it is important to invest in making them feel valued. Some employees are away from home a lot during various projects, so it is therefore important that the apartment where they spend time is also comfortable. With the help of a cozy and high-quality apartment the employee can charge their batteries during spare time, which makes the work as a whole more pleasant and efficient. Just like the saying goes: a happy employee is a good employee.



Employees sometimes have to leave the location of their projects to take care of both their private and work matters. In that case, it is important both in terms of time use and employee comfort that project accommodations are located in central places. 

We have apartments right in the center of Oulu next to good public transportation. Therefore car is not necessary during you accommodation, since apartments are located just a few minutes' walk from the train station, and next to good bus connections.



Everyone who spends their winter in Finland, and especially in Oulu, will surely appreciate the fact that in the morning you can walk from your apartment directly to a warm parking garage, where your car is waiting warm. 

Effortless parking is important in terms of the comfort and smoothness of the accommodation. That's why all our apartments in the center of Oulu have the possibility to park your car in a heated parking garage.



Accommodation needs can vary greatly between different projects and companies. That's why we strive to ensure that when you purchase accommodation through us, we tailor the package to suit your company. 

If it is known, for example, that project accommodation is only needed from Monday to Friday, then we do not require payment from the weekends. We are also flexible when it comes to cancellations. Contracts do not have to be fixed-term but can be made for an indefinite period according to your needs. We also know that the company's expenses increase during the projects, so we want to make renting as cost-effective as possible. We don't charge any additional rent deposits or anything.

We offer apartments from studios to three-room apartments, so we can accommodate work groups of very different sizes. Our apartments are also located very close to each others, so even if the employees do not stay in the same apartment during their work trip to Oulu they are still within reach of each others, since the apartments can be located in the same block of flats. In this case, it is easy for employees to agree on, for example, carpooling and other everyday matters.



At the time of organizing projects, there are many other running things to take care of than just accommodation. That's why we want to make your stay as easy and hassle-free as possible in this regard as well. 

When your company acquires project accommodation through us, you don't have to worry about other additional bills such as water bills or internet costs. All our contracts include an electricity contract, wireless internet, and a water bill. These are included in the nightly rates. So you don't have to be afraid that at the end of your stay you will receive several water or electricity bills. We take care of it all for you, so you can focus on your project.


Apartments, furnitures, cooking utensils and everything else are always in great condition at our properties.

Pakkahuoneenkatu 19 web-17.jpg

All our apartments have a washing machine, so that guests can wash their clothes during their stay if necessary.

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In the kitchen tableware you will find everything you may need during your stay. The crockery is extensive and the apartments have a dishwasher to make it easier to clean the crockery.

Pakkahuoneenkatu 19 web-26.jpg

Coffee and tea are important things in everyday life. That's why our apartments already have free coffee and tea for customers to use.

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Basic spices such as salt, pepper and oil are already available in the apartments, so you can cook from day one.

Uleabo oy-kalustetut vuokra-asunnot oulu

Our linens are of hotel standard and the beds are always made when you arrive at the accommodation. The prices always include bed linen and towels.

Pakkahuoneenkatu 19 web-22.jpg

Yale Doorman locks allow keyless check-in to the apartments.

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With the help of our customer service, we guarantee that your stay will be effortless.

Uleabo oy-kalustetut vuokra-asunnot oulu
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