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From January 2020 we have also offered our furnished apartments in Oulu for accommodation through AirBnb. At the moment we have five properties on AirBnb which are all apartments designed by an interior designer, centrally located in the center of Oulu. For example, a few of our AirBnb apartments are located in Oulu next to the train station. You can see more information about these great apartments here.

AirBnb is a reliable and friendly third-party service, where you can conveniently get our apartment for both short- and long-term use.


We have been operating on AirBnb for a long time and have achieved the title of superhost and good ratings for each of our properties.

If you want, you can make a reservation directly through AirBnb. You can proceed to do it on our AirBnb page.


One of AirBnb's strengths is the transparency of its services for both the customer and the host. After staying, customers and hosts have the opportunity to give each other evaluations based on what the accommodation experience has been like. Uleabo has superhost title in AirBnb which tells that the accommodation and customer service is top-notch!


Although AirBnb has been one of the most popular accommodation options in the world for a long time, its arrival in Finland has only really started in recent years. Today, however, more and more hosts choose AirBnb as their accommodation option for shorter trips as well as for longer stays. We put together a short list of why AirBnb accommodation is often a better option than a hotel.

​On AirBnb you can find many types of properties, from single rooms to entire detached houses. Accommodation destinations are also often very different from traditional hotel rooms in terms of location, decoration and equipment. For example, all of our destinations on AirBnb are private condominiums that are entirely for the customer's private use during the stay.

AirBnb apartments are often people's own homes or at least apartments prepared for living purposes, in contrast to traditional hotel rooms, which are often very reduced in size and essence. AirBnb apartments have been made as home-like as possible, so that it would be natural to spend longer periods in them as well. This is made possible, for example, by a fully equipped kitchen where you can cook food with modern appliances and utensils. In hotels, you often don't have the opportunity to cook yourself, let alone do laundry, which is possible in all our apartments. A large part of Finnish culture also includes drinking coffee, which is often a bit challenging when staying in a hotel, if you don't rely on instant coffee. 


AirBnb apartments are often slightly cheaper than traditional hotels in terms of price per night. When you add the possibility of using household appliances found in the apartments, the cost savings become significantly greater. Especially during a longer stay if you choose AirBnb apartment you don't have to always go to restaurant and cafeteria or wash clothes only at the laundromat.


Many AirBnb hosts only operate in their own city. Thus, they often have a really extensive and genuine local knowledge, which they are also happy to share with the guests. In addition to this, by staying at AirBnb destinations you support small local hosts and businesses, and not faceless large hotel chains. At Uleabo Oy, we are such a small operator that every guest is particularly important to us and we want to take good care of them.


When working with large players, it is both good and bad that everything is precisely defined and regulated. When working with an AirBnb host of our size, the guest has the opportunity to influence matters related to their stay much more easily. We have tried to fulfill our customers' wishes, for example about later check-outs and other requests, as far as possible.

If any of these reasons are important to you, we recommend choosing AirBnb accommodation instead of a hotel for both shorter and longer stays.

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