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Oulu - Capital of Northern Scandinavia. With this phrase, Oulu is marketing itself. After all, Oulu is a well-known University city inhabited by more than 200,000 people, which is known both for its wonderfully innovative people, its beautiful nature and also for its sports.


Oulu is a large and great city, which offers something for everyone. Whether you wanted to wander around the wonderful park scenery of Ainola park enjoying nature or seek sports experiences by watching the Kärpät ice hockey match in Raksila. In order to make it easier to find your own interest from Oulu's wide range, we put together a small ULEABO X OULU travel guide, where we tell you about some of the things we think are worth trying in Oulu.


Oulu is located in northern Finland on the coast of the Gulf of Bothnia. Transportation connections to Oulu are good and you can get there from almost every corner of Finland by some form of public transport. There are also good onward connections from Oulu to all parts of Finland, and from Oulu airport also to foreign countries.

If you arrive in Oulu by plane, you have landed at Oulu Airport (Lentokentäntie 720, 90140 Oulu), which is located in Oulunsalo. The distance from the airport to the center of Oulu is about 14 kilometers. By car, it takes about 15 minutes and a taxi to the center costs about 30 euros.


However, there are good public transportation connections from the airport to the city center (bus), which takes about 30 minutes. Oulu's public transport lines run daily to and from the airport 8 and 9. Line 8 goes to Teknologiakylä and line 9 goes to the city center. The lines are operated diligently during the day, so you usually don't have to wait more than half an hour for the bus to leave in the evening either. A ticket from the airport to the center of Oulu costs 5.80 euros and can be bought in cash on the bus. Here are more details on transit routes 8 and 9.

Oulu is also easily accessible by bus and train. Both the Oulu train station and the bus station are located just a few minutes' walk from the center of Oulu, so it is convenient to continue the journey on foot. The bus station is located in Raksila, but by walking through the underpass, you are at the train station in about a minute and thus almost in the center.



Even though Oulu is geographically very wide, it is nevertheless a city with many possibilities when it comes to getting around in Oulu. Whether you're staying in Oulu for a day or a month, you'll get by quite well in Oulu even without your own car. Oulu has invested a lot in public transportation recently, but above all it has invested in cycling opportunities. Oulu is known as a cycling city, and we also recommend a bicycle as a means of movement, especially in summer. You can conveniently get bikes either through us or you can use the city bikes in Oulu.

During a short weekend trip in Oulu, you can do quite well without a bike or public transport, as almost all restaurants and services are located near the city center. The nearby areas can also be easily reached by public means of transport and, if necessary, you can also take a fun Oulu mini-train to Nallikari, i.e.Potnapekka.Sometimes, however, using a taxi may also be necessary, in which case we recommend using e.g OTAXI App or Valopilkku app to get a taxi easily and effortlessly. 


Where to eat in Oulu? What are the best restaurants in Oulu? The best kebab in Oulu? And where can you get the best burgers in Oulu? We hear these questions all the time and we want to bring our own opinions to this conversation. 

It should be stated at the outset that the restaurant selection in Oulu is relatively good. There are several different restaurants suitable for different situations. If we started listing all the good restaurants in Oulu here, the list would be so long that no one could read it, so we have listed only a few of our favorites.

Understandably, it's not always possible to go to a restaurant to eat on the spot. In this case, you can use, for example, Wolt application. With a code ULEABO you get three free home deliveries for new registered users!




Restaurant Pannu

Mayonnaise pizzas

Oulu is especially known for its mayonnaise pizzas, or as we call it, majokännky. Everyone must experience majokänkky at least once when visiting Oulu. 


Nowadays, you can get mayonnaise pizzas in almost every pizzeria in Oulu, so you really can't go wrong. However, perhaps the most legendary mayonnaise pizzas can be found at Da Max pizzeria on Kauppurienkatu. Da Max is open almost all day and night, and because of its location, it is also a very popular place for late-night dining.


Another viable alternative to traditional pizzerias is Da Mario, which certainly has the best side table of Oulu's pizzerias. The side table offers everything starting from smoked salmon. When you add the great pizzas, it can be said that Da Mario is always a safe choice.  

In Oulu, in addition to mayonnaise pizzas, you can also find slightly higher-quality and authentic Italian pizza at, for example, Puistola. At Puistola, the pizzas are baked in a dough base and they are made from authentic Italian pizza flour in the Neapolitan way.

The pizzas are very tasty and the milieu in Puistola is also like a real Italian pizzeria with red checkered tablecloths. The place is great for more relaxed dinner parties with a group of friends as well as for more festive occasions. For those willing to experiment, Puistola also has so-called white pizzas, where no tomato sauce is used at all.

Puistola is located in the center of Oulu and usually you don't need to make a separate table reservation. 

Puistola, Pakkahuonenkatu 15, 90100 Oulu

Restaurant Pannu has been a legendary place among Oulu residents and others for a long time. Pannu is perhaps best known for their pan pizzas, but they also offer other restaurant dishes that are also very good. The location and milieu on the basement floor of Kauppurienkatu is great, which is why we recommend booking a table in advance, especially on weekends, if you plan to head to Pannu for dinner.

Pannu's pan pizzas have achieved legendary status among Oulu residents thanks to their juicy and thick base. Pizzas are available in many sizes, so they are also suitable for smaller hunger and can also be shared if needed.

Restaurant Pannu, Kauppurienkatu 12, 90100 Oulu


Cafe Rooster has established its place as one of the most popular restaurants, cafes and pubs in Oulu. Yes, you read that right. Rooster, or Roosteri, is all of these and is even more popular in all of these categories in Oulu. 

Since the title talks about burgers, let's now focus on Rooster's burgers. Rooster's burgers caused a stir on the streets of Oulu when it was once rumored that a competitor had been found, and even a replacement for the legendary Kauppuri 5 burger. Rooster's burgers have been very popular thanks to their juicy steaks and the abundant options. There are many options from veggie burgers to fish burgers. Rooster's strengths are also an entertaining milieu, where you are happy to sit down for a beer or coffee even after eating. Especially on weekend nights, Rooster is so popular that we recommend booking a table in advance.

Cafe Rooster, Torikatu 26, 90100 Oulu

Tuba Food & Lounge, or more familiarly just Tuba, is located on the edge of Ainola park, i.e. a little further, but still within walking distance from the center of Oulu.

Like Rooster, Tuba is also a very versatile place, where you can get lunch, burgers, pizza, as well as great brunches. Tuba's pizzas are excellent and can be recommended to lovers of good Neapolitan pizza. This versatility of Tuba is one of Tuba's absolute strengths, because there aren't many places where you can get both really good pizza and burgers, especially in Oulu. Tuba works as a great solution if, for example, some of the group would like to eat hamburgers and some would like to eat pizza. Then, by going to Tuba, no one has to make compromises, but everyone gets the best in both categories.


Tuba Food & Lounge, Mannenkatu 2 90130 Oulu

The Cheezburg Factory is a slightly different place compared to, for example, Cafe Rooster or Tuba Food & Lounge, already because it is a focused solely on serving hamburgers and for example alcohol is not served at all. 

The Cheezburg Factory is located next to the train station, so it's a good option if you arrive hungry by train to Oulu. The portion sizes of The Cheezburg Factory are large and the price level is a bit cheaper than, for example, Tuba and Rooster. The Cheezburg Factory is naturally known for its burgers, but a special mention must be given to their delicious shakes, which are a great way to finish off a burger meal.

The Cheezburg Factory, Asemakatu 39, 90100 Oulu

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